Quest Hook #1

Adventure fuel for dnd, a setting for the "Ye Olde Shoppe" Wayside Wizard candle. Shows pictures of old shops, mimics, a shop keeper and a dimly lit street

Above is the story board for this quest hook- 

Story Hook

An old shopkeep wakes up when you enter, eyes hazy with age. "Have a look around, I'll be right here when you're done" he murmurs, resting his head on his hand. 

The party looks at the wares, but soon notices the hoards and piles of ewapons and itesma ren't as they appear. It seems nearly all items are mimics, resting as eagerly as the shopkeep. That is, until...

Possible Outcomes

This is where you can tie it a bit more into your story- there are plenty of possibilities. Does the shopkeep know that his store is mostly mimics? Is this a trap that he set? Is he in danger or do the mimics appreciate him for some reason?

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