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Started in Madison, Wisconsin

    The Wayside Wizard was founded in Madison, Wisconsin by Jonas. After having been dungeon master in various dungeons and dragons campaigns for years, Jonas explored different ways to create more excitement in each session.

Ambiance is Critical to a Dungeons and Dragons Session

    Several of the parties involved realized that ambiance was a core component of a good DND session. People who were disinterested and on the fence about even playing a session of dnd could become very invested with well timed cinematic music and sound effects. The spooky atmosphere could be bolstered through ominous background noises. Sound was just the start though, soon taste, more visuals, and finally scents would become common place on the Monday night DND sessions 

The Scents of Fantasy Worlds

    Scents are often strongly associated with memories, so why not get players more into the finely crafted world with specially designed fantasy scents? Jonas started to create several different scents for each location in the campaign, and discovered an unlikely love in making scents for worlds outside of our own. Nowadays he carefully crafts a unique smell from a combination of over 300 essential and fragrance oils. 

Teleport Your Players Into Your World

    Bridge the gap between reality and fantasy by appealing to the players' senses. Each extra sense you can add to a players' experience makes it feel just a little bit more okay to use a silly voice like their character would, or really get into the role of a 700 year old dwarf. Wayside Wizard candles can help with that and spark more fun in your campaign.


About Us

Jonas Klare - DND Candle Enthusiast

Jonas of the Wayside Wizard speaking at an event at UW Madison

    When not writing about himself in the third person or making candles, Jonas finds himself coding, playing video games, or playing spike ball. He grew up in the Madison area, attending the Middleton Cross Plains Area school district. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2020 with a degree in computer science and atmospheric science and now happily makes new scents, candles, and social media at the Wayside Wizard. Honestly though it feels really weird writing in the 3rd person though, like I'm somewhat becoming a dnd character myself and somehow breaking the 4th wall.