Quest Hook #2

Quest Hook #2 for dnd, a setting for the "An Invitation to the Wizard's Tower" themed candle. Has a picture of potions, wizard towers, ortals, and rivers of different colors, themed with blue and purple colors.

Above is the story board for this quest hook- 

Story Hook

The blue portal blazes in the fireplace where a warm fire is absent. The wizard had recently opened up a portal to another realm where the rivers had magical properties similar to potions, and the party came to investigate... or to capitalize. "So," the frail wizard asks kindly, "You think you can get some potions in there for me?"

He sends the party off into the portal with a gentle push and a cart full of glassware. 

Rivers of red, blue, purple and varying degrees of opacity wind around the quiet landscape. An unsettling quiet...


Possible Outcomes

This is where you can tie it a bit more into your story- there are plenty of possibilities. Did the party come here to help out and start a potion empire? Did they simply seek a few potions for themselves? will they steal the source for themselves? Is this Wizard who he appears to be? Did a force from that dimension escape? Do dangerous, souped up potion drinking monsters rest in the new realm?


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